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Fieldbus Technology for Real-Time Applications

The small latency of Real-Time Operatingsystems provides the base for an optimal and secure handling of the individual fieldbus master controllers. This allows very fast application cycles. The multi-core support of an RTOS provides the possibility for processing of complex fieldbus protocols by a dedicated core. 

The reliability of QNX or PREEMPT_RT Linux combined with fieldbus systems leads to very stable process I/O systems.There are e.g. QNX based PROFIBUS-DP control systems at ground stations of the ESA which are running since more than 17 years without rebooting!

DACHS real-time solutions with fieldbuses are running worldwide for various kinds of reliable industrial automation applications, embedded systems, as well as in mission critical control systems.

STEINHOFF offers support packages for PC based control systems with fieldbuses running QNX 4.25 RTOS and up to QNX Neutrino RTOS v. 7.x, PREEMPT_RT Linux and Linux. 

Our product suite DACHS® supports well tested Fieldbus and I/O boards and comes with a single unified data interface for all user level applications: the Process Image.

Real-Time Operatingsystems & Fieldbus Systems - a winning Team!

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